• Who are Greenspace?

    We are a team of financial planners, looking to help the transition towards a lower carbon, happier, more sustainable economy. We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • What is financial planning/advice, what can it do for me?

    Financial planning is an ongoing service that will help you manage your finances, enabling you to achieve your goals in life. Think of it like planning a journey.

  • What is ‘ethical investing’?

    You may well have come across this phrase, as well as ‘impact investing’, ESG’, ‘positive or negative screening’, ‘divestment’, ‘socially responsible investing’ and ‘sustainable investing’. All of these relate back to various ways of investing money with more than simply the bottom line or return in mind. Generally speaking, all of these involve moral or ethical considerations in the investment process. For a full explanation of the types of ethical investing please read our blog ‘Welcome to Greenspace’

  • Can I transfer a final salary scheme, or other sort of previous employment pension?

    Our job is to research your existing pension(s) to establish whether or not a transfer is possible AND, more importantly, whether or not it is in your best interests to do so. Depending on various factors, sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes it is no.

    You should always start with the assumption that a final salary scheme transfer in particular is not suitable. You should always seek advice before taking any action as the action you take may not be in your best interests, be irrevocable and could be very costly in the long term.

  • Why should I consider a pension or ISA transfer?

    Transferring or switching a pension or ISA may be suitable if by doing so, your money would end up in a more favourable environment than where it currently sits, all things considered. Issues such as risk, guaranteed benefits, costs and performance would all form part of the decision making process. As these can be complicated, financial advice is recommended. In our case, we also take moral and ethical views on the underlying investment into account when providing advice.

  • How much will advice cost me?

    Please contact us for a specific, no-obligation quote

  • What about the ongoing costs and fees?

    This is an important consideration, and because there are usually several parties involved in the maintenance of pensions and investments the financial services industry has historically struggled to make all the costs of dealing with pensions and investments clear and easy to understand. For example. Fees and charges are probably already being levied on your existing ISA or pension and a part of our analysis will involve finding out exactly what, and how much these charges are. Our service also includes ongoing fees and charges. These will vary and will be detailed in the report we will provide along with the details of your existing charges for comparison so you can make an informed decision.

  • Is there any risk?

    Yes, all investments come with a risk. Your current investments will already have a level of risk.  Part of our role as your adviser is to establish how much risk is acceptable and suitable for you. We will complete a ‘Risk Tolerance Questionnaire’ with you, the results of which will give us an idea as to what level of risk will be suitable

  • What has past performance been like?

    The first thing to say here is that past performance (of any investment) should not be seen as a guarantee or indication of future outcomes. Past performance only forms a very small part of our advice process. Before you make any commitment to invest, you will be provided with comprehensive analysis of the advised investment, including its long term performance.

  • Can I change my mind?

    Yes, you can. Once you have transferred your pension or ISA (or started one), you can switch to another provider or adviser at any point, without incurring any charge from us. You will more than likely go through a similar process to transfer your money away from us, as you did to move it to us.

It is up to all of us. Take action today.